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CISO as a Service
CISO as a Service or vCISO professional will work with in-house staff to build and maintain efficient cybersecurity program that will keep sensitive data under lock and key.


Compliance & Governance

Our team of professionals will help you get through the complex maze of cyber security regulations and compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI DSS, and Critical Infrastructure Protection Regulations.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting Services take a comprehensive and holistic view to understand your unique technology environment and to develop strategies, solutions and techniques to meet the ever-changing threats of our modern world







Integration & Solutions

Our team of security professionals work with you to design, architect, plan and implement, affordable, robust and hardened information security systems and solutions, with the best technologies, to meet your exact requirements.

Incident Response

Incident Response Services specializes in investigating intrusions and targeted attacks performed by advanced threat groups. our consultants use proprietary technology and creative investigation techniques


security operations center, we are able to monitor and manage your security 24/7/365 and to take action to any potential threats, thereby limiting damage, potential data loss, interruptions and reducing risks and potential liability for your organization.

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